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#14957513 May 07, 2022 at 01:07 PM
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Well, we're back, folks. Boy, so much has happened since I last kept a journal like this.

Gearfang is dead. I killed him, because he'd served his uses. Out of his ashes? Killswitch has risen and he's far bolder than Gearfang ever was.

It was a hard choice, given I had so many contacts that only knew me as Gearfang, but with that name, I was at a standstill. Kriff, it wasn't even my name in the first place. Belonged to Imperial Intelligence, more on loan than anything.

Though, I suppose when you're never going to give something back, its not really a loan. So I killed Gearfang, so Imperial Intelligence could never reclaim him.

But the death of Gearfang is hardly even a bullet point on my list of how much life has changed recently. Cause something big just happened. Me and Tataga found a corpse walking.

Andelac Rodgers. Archangel. Motherkriffer. There are a lot of names for my old friend, and I was under the impression the only place I'd ever find him again was six feet under. Couldn't have gotten that lucky, huh?

All jokes aside, Ande has decided to get the gang back together, so to speak. That's right. The Dead Men are back, but we're only a shadow of our former selves.

I guess I'll have to help first mate. New things are coming, Dead Men. Big things.

Killioth Liryn, excited as much as I'm nervous, signing off.
I sit on this throne to ensure others go unburdened.
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